Our Projects

A Casual Thing

A Casual Thing is live and we are working to complete the Android and iPhone mobile apps now. We are seeking "Private Lenders" and "Cooperative Partners" who will help us expedite the national and international exposure needed to have this site and mobile apps start generating income. This new project is created as an "Auto Pilot Income" generating business that requires very little infrastructure and no full time day to day management until the income is at a point where that is required. We advise our Clients to use their surplus income to follow their passions and to create auto pilot generating incomes so it is natural that Into-Reality does the same thing for ourselves. If you have an interest in exploring the benefits of working with us please feel free to contact Johnny Giles anytime.

Bike Riders Meet

Bike Riders Meet is another one of our “Auto Pilot Income” generating business ventures that we are turning into actuality. We are also seeking “Private Lenders” and “Cooperative Partnerships” to expedite our exposure campaigns to start the income for this venture. We have our expert web and app developers working on this project and we are excited about our website and our mobile apps going live real soon.
Into-Reality LP has self funded these projects to a certain point and will be seeking capital for these projects and others to facilitate the launches and ongoing marketing of them. We have developed hundreds of projects for our Clients and we are now doing the same for ourselves to build multiple autopilot incomes as we grow our global exposure and reach. Contact Us today to see what we can accomplish together