Have a question? Just ask and I will add it to my FAQ!

You are more expensive than others who offer the same services cheaper, why should I use you over them?

My prices are fair and based on the level of work my Team and I put into delivering quickly. Additionally I take pride in over delivering and my services are turnkey in nature so I am a one stop shop for much more than business presentations. There are many service providers who offer less than me and who charge more than me. Ask me about special pricing and multi-item discounts.

Do you guarantee that I will get a loan or credit line if I retain you to write my Business Profile, Operational Plan or Business Plan?

The short answer is "No" I cannot guarantee funding of any kind however my business presentations have been very successful in helping my Clients secure private loans, bank and government loans, city, county, state and federal grants, concessions and incentives as well as attracting investors. The Client and their business will benefit from my presentations in many way, as well as my other turnkey services however I cannot offer any guarantees on funding because that is based on the Clients capabilities, credit and/or circle of contacts.

What are the differences between a Business Profile, Operational Plan and Business Plan?

I custom write and design all of the business presentations I create for my Clients to fit their current needs and we as to have built-in flexibility for their natural evolution. A Business Profile is typically 12 to 20 pages long and is a little more detailed than a business summary. An Operational Plan is geared towards an explanation of how the business will operate and/or how the project or venture will function. A Business Plan is a detailed presentation designed as a multi-use tool to seek capital, recruit personnel, obtain licensing, train personnel and the list can go on.

Why do I need a business plan?

A Business Plan is a tool that has many uses however I do not always suggest to every Client that they need a business plan. I prefer completing a free no obligation evaluation to determine the Clients needs and how I can be of service.

Can I get a grant or government loan using the business presentation I have you create for me?

In all honesty you may be able to and you may not, but let me explain... Grants and Government Loans specifically are given usually for the purpose of taking the burden of the grant/loan provider and placing the responsibility to fulfill certain duties and/or tasks on the grant/loan receiver. Usually it is about the Clients ability to fulfill, the plan of action to fulfill and other factors that have nothing to do with fulfillment. The custom presentations I write and design will cover every area and this is far better than a template based fill-in-the-blank presentation others design or some people do on their own. With my presentations I am confident that the grant/loan provider will be impressed however again I cannot guarantee a grant or loan will be received.

Do you ever use templates for business plans or other tools you create?

The answer is both yes and no so let me explain… I "NEVER" use a template of any kind for creating my custom business plans and presentations as I write them all myself and they are designed under my instructions by my designer(s). I do however customize WordPress templates and some of the music/text/image videos I create for my Clients to promote themselves! Every situation is different based on the Clients needs and I work to cater to what the Client wants.

When I Google your name, Johnny Giles, I find a RipOffReport that is a complaint from a "victim" and this is alarming, why should I trust you to provide me with services?

Your decision to trust me or not is one you have to make on your own however on my personal website on the About Johnny page at the bottom is a clickable pdf of my personal background disclosure where I am transparent about my past. I cannot say if the complaint you see online is from a past Client or not as they do not identify themselves however between 1998 and 2000 I did get into some legal trouble. To say I have learned my lesson is an understatement so I do (2) things that most people do not; 1. I am open and transparent about my past on the world wide web through my own personal websites that have been online for many years now and 2. I strive daily to over deliver to my Clients to ensure everyone is happy. I am not perfect however I take full responsibility for my past and ask that you judge me on my recent past and present as my portfolio of work and testimonials clearly showcase I am not the same guy that made mistakes over 15 years ago.

How are you paid for the services you offer?

I prefer being paid via credit/debit card payments using Square and will gladly accept cash, Western Union, Money Gram, Walmart to Walmart or Bank Wire/Bank Deposit. I can also accept a bank money order or certified check payable to Johnny Bryan Giles and in some cases I will take a personal or business check drawn off a local bank. All payments made to me are "NONREFUNDABLE" because I pay others who assist me in the design and all of my work for my Clients is custom.

How much do you require as a deposit for your services and how do you receive the balance?

I prefer payment in advance of my services and the delivery of the products we create because all of our work is custom design and I pay those who work for me in advance. I do however accept partial down-payments (non-refundable) and the balance is "due upon completion of the draft(s)' prior to finalization. The deposit amount is based on each individual project and the balance for larger projects can be paid over a predetermined payment schedule. I make those decisions on a case by case basis.

Do you offer any form of refund(s)?

No! I do not offer any form of a refund because all of my work is custom design and I pay others to assist me in the completion of deliverables to my Clients. I strongly suggest anyone considering retaining me to only do so if they are absolutely certain they want my services as I do not offer any form of refund.

How many revisions can I have on the collateral materials I retain you to create?

I provide (1) set of revisions after the drafts are provided and any additional revisions require compensation unless there are errors I have missed. In the beginning I ask specific questions that allow me to cater to the Clients desires relative to design elements so there are rarely any issues with the custom work we provide. Most draft(s) do have minor errors though as is the case in most custom designed work and we correct them and then provide final files quickly.

What are the different businesses owned and operated by Johnny Giles that he provides and/or has provided business services through?

Johnny Giles operates all of his business entities, as previously stated, under the self-titled sole-proprietorship Johnny Bryan Giles and his first business in 2007 was "Business Development by Giles" that transitioned into "Global Solutions - Expert Business Presentations" that is now transitioning into a new brand titled "Into-Reality" and the services we offer are turnkey and they continue to evolve.

How many Clients have I served under my businesses?

I, Johnny Giles, have personally served hundreds of Clients and that number continues to grow, many of whom have become my personal friends I am proud to say!

How are internal and external payments by Into-Reality LP made?

Into-Reality LP facilitates all contractor payments, expenditure payments and payroll payments internally and currently does not use a professional payroll service or CPA. Payments made to Creditors and Contractors are subject to accounts receivable and Payroll is subject to the financial resources on hand resulting in the actual compensation dates being different from the dates on documentation provided based on available financial resources. No attempt by Into-Reality LP is ever made to delay compensation however General Partner(s), Principal(s) and Senior Management Team Member(s) often receive compensation in lump sums based solely on our accounts receivable. For additional inquiries about this subject please contact with details of your inquiry.

You designed my website, what if I get hacked?

Unfortunately hacking is on the rise globally and Into-Reality LP can add, update and monitor your security features that are purchased from your Hosting Company however we do not offer hacking prevention. Security for your website is a serious issue and Into-Reality LP strongly suggests you use the available security services from your Hosting Company, such as GoDaddy (who we often refer). We encourage those we design websites for to also add "Backup" protection through your Hosting Company as well. Since Into-Reality LP does not sell or provide Hosting Services we cannot guarantee you will not become a victim of hacking so we tell all of Our Clients how to protect their websites from malicious attack(s).

How do I best protect the website you built for me?

Into-Reality designs amazing custom and Wordpress based websites that are visually stimulating, highly functional and easy to navigate. We do not however provide site security, website back-up or other Hosting services. Because of this we highly recommend that our Clients purchase both website back-up and/or restore as well as a security firewall and SSL through their Hosting company. Your website, if it is attacked by a bot or an actual Hacker/Hacker Group can be damaged, taken over and/or deleted altogether. We highly suggest that our Clients take the security of their website seriously and will gladly make recommendations in advance and after our services for the design are completed.